The Importance of Having a Unique Property

In today's marketplace, just having a cute character is not enough. The most successful entertainment properties from Disney®, Warner Brothers®, and Nickelodeon® (just to name a few) rely on multi-billion dollar marketing plans. These plans include an aggressive and comprehensive licensing strategy. The licensed images and likenesses of these characters adorn everything from toys to diapers.

Marketing dollars aside, most successful properties revolve around a central character. These concepts are fresh and unique – compared to what is currently offered in the marketplace. The characters have a high recognition factor and distinguishable features (it's hard for a singing purple dinosaur or a yellow pants-wearing sponge NOT to stand out from the crowd).

A Potential Character With Lots of ... Potential

The uniqueness of the characters in Mister William's World, most notably the title character of Mister William, lends themselves to becoming a potentially strong and enduring franchise.

Let's start off with the name. How often do you come across someone with the word "Mister" as part of their name?

This gentlemanly attitude also influences his fashion sense. A simple, black bow-tie adds a debonair touch to his orange-and-blue outfit.

But the most unique thing of all is his Cape-and-Mask© which is essentially a yellow piece of fabric attached to a mask. It doesn't give him super-kitten powers, but it sure does make him look awfully cute! More importantly, it gives him the ability to see through his fears and insecurities. That, in itself, is pretty darn super!

Mister William is also a nature lover, and a huge bird lover. Kids can learn more about (and have more respect for) birds, nature and the environment. This perspective towards nature and science is probably a first for a children's program.

There's no doubt all of these key features make him very unique. That's the reason why he WILL stand out from the crowd, and why a children's program like Mister William's World can become a big success.

This Little Boy Wants to Get His License

We are all aware of today's marketplace. Take a stroll down the store aisles and you'll find Sponge Bob®, Dora the Explorer®, and other popular Disney® characters everywhere. The name of the game is definitely licensing!

With an established Mister William's World children's program in place and a savvy marketing plan, the potential and possibilities for licensing these characters is endless. The adorable likenesses of Mister William and his friends can adorn clothes, backbacks, toys, videogames, bedding, home furnishings, books, and educational videos.

Mister William could quite possibly be the next BIG thing in children's marketing.

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