His "Character"-istics

Mister William is quite a character – in every sense of the word. He is a sweet little boy, originally named Willie. However, his Grandpa Eck thought that by calling him "Mister William," maybe, just maybe, he could turn out to be a "purrfect" gentleman. His grandpa was right – well, almost right.

Like most of us, Mister William has a few flaws. If you looked up the term "Scared-y Cat" you'd probably find his picture. But, he has a big heart and he's always willing to jump in to help others, often without even thinking about his own fears. Add to that a little streak of precociousness and a sense of adventure and you know there'll be trouble (and fun) ahead when he's forced to confront his own fears.

Grandpa Eck recognized this flaw early on. He constructed a Cape-and-Mask© for Mister William. Whenever fears and insecurities arise, Mister William reaches for his trusty Cape-and-Mask© which acts as a "security blanket" and gives him the courage and strength to see through his fears and help save the day.

Mister William speaks in proper English, without using colloquialisms, slang words, contractions or abbreviations. (Please note, his name is always written "Mister" and never "Mr.")

His Friends & Family

Mister William lives with his Mom and Dad and his two older sisters Annie and Olivia. Occasionally, grandparents, aunts, and uncles drop by for a visit. However, the biggest influence on his life is Grandpa Eck, who helps him learn about the values of helpfulness, honesty, and love – as well as finding strength within himself.

His friends from across the street are brother and sister dogs named Henry and Sophie. Their cousins, Max and Daphne, live on the next block. Another neighbor is Timothy, a younger kitten who greatly admires Mister William. Timothy wants to learn and do everything just like Mister William, but it seems that Mister William will be the one doing the learning.

Mister William also has a pet gecko named Georgie.

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His Love of Birds

Mister William can correctly identify almost every species of bird – just call him the "young Audubon" of the cat world. He can tell you every bird's migratory pattern (if you care to know). He always keeps his bird-watching gear in his backpack.

Mister William is an official member of The National Audubon Society, which helps conserve and restore ecosystems, focusing on birds and their habitats for the benefit of men and women – and kids – everywhere. If you'd like to join too, click www.audubon.org.

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