Mister William's World is a new children's programming concept. Each 30-minute episode will consist of two self-contained animated featurettes, a brief nature lesson, and a musical number.

A live-action costumed character of Mister William will greet the audience and introduce upcoming segments by speaking directly into the camera. Being the nature lover and bird lover that he is, this costumed character will also share fun facts about birds and other wildlife.

The featurettes will follow the adventures (or more like misadventures) of our hero, Mister William, and his friends. The stories will have some poignant lessons for our young viewers, without ever being too heavy-handed. Examples of these lessons could include: the value of sharing; always being truthful; and being adopted means being loved (yes, Mister William was adopted when he was a tiny lad).

Each episode will end with a musical number led by Mister William's friend Timothy. The segment, titled "Timothy's Tune Time," will have an original song recapping the lessons learned from that episode.

Besides being wholesome fun for kids, Mister William's World will leave them with a feel-good feeling. Parents will delight knowing their children will learn a lot about themselves and their environment, just by watching these entertaining programs.

A sample episode, in storyboard format, can be downloaded here. (Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

The fun and exciting stories and characters developed for Mister William's World can easily be adapted into book format, which includes picture books, concept books, and activity books.

To view the sample manuscript, Mister William Goes to Feathering Heights, please click here. (Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

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